Strømme Throndsen Design: The Mass-Market Approach

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WHEN WE WERE thinking about building packages, our thoughts went back to the old days, when smoking cigarettes was popular in the upper classes and ladies carried cigarette cases. These days, everyone uses cases for products such as iPods, cell phones, and so forth. In this sense, our approach was twofold: We decided to have an elegant package for White Widow in black and white (large) or black and green (small), with different, smaller cases for the sophisticated target group. White Widow comes in two different packages, with 16 or four cigarettes. The cases hold four cigarettes. The idea is to buy the big box and only take how many you actually need with you. You could also make custom cases, in collaboration with an artist or celebrities or famous brands. For this assignment, we ended up with four different case designs.

NAME: We chose White Widow and G13—common strains of marijuana today—as the brand names because it gave us a chance to have an artistic approach to the brand, with the two capital Ws. G13 is a cool name, probably attractive to young people.

APPROACH: The bling-bling case (1) is golden with diamonds around the lid, while the leather case (2) is very feminine, for the sophisticated woman who has no need to “show off” her wealth. The natural case (3) is made of wood, for those who are more down-to-earth. The music case (4) is inspired by the iPod and karaoke microphones. G13 comes with four cigarettes (5), wrapped in bright green-and-black plastic. It’s intended for the younger generation—a “party pack,” enough to share at informal parties.