Design Thinking

What is design thinking? This creative approach has been deeply influential in the design world in recent years, leading to heated debate about the design thinking process, both pro and con. Imprint has provided a online forum to explore graphic design thinking as it is put into practice with clients and within companies—essential reading for today’s designers, art directors, and design leaders.

Is Design Thinking Really Bullshit? Thoughts from Marty Neumeier

Last June, Pentagram partner Natasha Jen gave a main-stage presentation to a rapt audience of 1,000 at Adobe’s 99U conference in New York City. Her talk was engaging, funny, and brought forth some heady thoughts on the design thinking process. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s definitely worth a watch. An engaging speaker,...

Skeleton Crew

Pose Skeleton, a Japanese toy, suggests a middle life before reaching the after world -- one where we are all one under the skin.

When Hoods Go Bad

Hoods, not our friendly hoodies of today, have a dark history. The Daily Heller explores when hoods go bad in this loose visual essay.

The Stuff that Landfills Are Made Of

Packaging is a double edged (or multi-sided) issue. It can be an innovative design medium and a fount of devastating waste. One day, perhaps in the Star Trekian future, just as there will be no more paper (remember Jean-Luc Picard’s “i-pad“), there will be no more physical packaging (and all logos will be holograms)....

Opportunities To Create The Future

A committed social activist, Cheryl Heller has written an important book for the "new" designer who practices design as a holistic field developing strategies for societal change. This interview is a guide to Heller's The Intergalactic Design Guide: Harnessing The Creative Potential of Social Design.