How Do Awards Alter Our Creative Output?

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The Grammys. The Golden Globes. The Oscars.

It’s awards season—and the fields of advertising, branding and design are no exception.

As co-host Mark Kingsley notes in the latest episode of BrandBox, when he first entered the creative realm, organizations held awards programs to cite examples of the best of different categories of projects—but the whole ecosystem soon began to evolve into more of a branding effort.

So what impact do high-profile awards programs, like, say, the Cannes Lions, have on the practice of the work today?

BrandBox’s Melinda Welch says that when a brief comes in, an early question is often whether or not the project has Cannes potential.

“I think it’s an omnipresent force, and a lens that every project wants to be viewed through,” she says.

So what does it all mean?

The team explores exactly that below.

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