Using AR to Pit Trump Signs Against Trump Signs

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“Trump doesn’t know this, but there’s a warning within every one of his campaign signs.”

Trump Against Trump knows this because, well, they put one there—or, rather, Trump has, throughout the course of his administration. Using AR, Trump Against Trump is merely reminding us of what has happened over the past four years.

How it works: Head to the site using your phone’s native browser, then head outside. Scan a Trump sign, and an AR replacement quickly pops up, based on your specific location.

If you’re in, say, Indiana:

If you’re in Hawaii or Alaska:

If you're in Georgia:

If you’re in Florida:

And then there are the facts that resonate country-wide:

The project was put together by seven advertising students who discovered the statistic that around 100 million eligible Americans didn’t vote in the 2016 election—and decided to try to do something to help rally them this year.

They write:

Trump Against Trump is not meant to persuade America’s voters, but rather provide universal transparency on harmful actions of the current president. In a world with so many ways to consume information, this free and simple-to-use product presents only true facts. These facts are intended to stimulate discussion from the local to the national level, surrounding how Trump has impacted the U.S. as its president.

If you’re using the platform, you probably already know who you’re voting for. But, hey, though Trump Against Trump is not meant to persuade, there’s no harm in queuing it up and going for a walk with a friend, family member, and anyone else who skews red …

Check it out here.