What Role Does Design Play in Policing?

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The latest episode: The Intersection of Design and Policing

Here’s more from the Design is Everywhere team:

In this episode, Jennifer Rittner, a writer, educator, and principal at Content Matters, joins Sam. Jennifer was the guest editor of our latest Design Museum Magazine Issue, The Policing Issue, which explores how one of the most powerful institutions functions by design. Jennifer shares more on how she chose the contributors for the issue and the role of design in policing.

Later on in the show, they are joined by Timothy Bardlavens, a design leader, cultural strategist, and diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant and writer. Currently, he is a product design manager at Facebook, and he co-founded &Design with Antionette Carroll. In the Policing Issue, Timothy and Jennifer wrote the essay “Designed for Harm: How Products of Policing Enforce Extra-judicial Practices of Control and Submission.” Timothy discusses the products and practices of control and submission and how design can get used for harm. Together, they discuss how to design against harm and rethinking the current framework.