Type Tuesday: Mesclo’s Delightful Geometry

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The Portugal-based foundry DSType has been around since 1994, and yesterday its designers released their unique take on a geometric face: Mesclo.

We were quickly seduced by the outline, interline, sideline, borderline and endpoint styles, but stuck around for its personality-laden regular weights that can be deployed across a variety of applications.

“With monolinear appearance, humanistic elements and subtle hints of Art Deco, Mesclo is a timeless typeface with dramatic oblique terminals and a welcoming, friendly roundness,” the foundry writes. “The outstanding dynamic rhythm and legibility of the text contrasts with the inflexible geometry of the unusual complementary caps-only typefaces, specially developed to fulfill and enrich this type family.”

Mesclo was designed by Pedro Leal and Dino dos Santos, and is available here.