A “Novel” Book Cover Design Course

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An alluring book cover design can mean the difference between a book that flies off the shelves (or out of the eBook store) or fades away. Learn how to design a book cover that is compelling and memorable with E. Genevieve Williams’ new HOW Design University course Design a Great Book Cover.

Designing book covers that sell is a specialized talent that both draws in potential readers and remains true to the story. The cover of a book needs to convey the magic of hundreds of pages within a single image, transporting readers into the world the author has created.

Book cover design is still a booming business these days, especially for digital publications. In this online course, Genevieve will teach you the skills you need to design a book cover that could become as memorable as the book itself.

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With millions of books available for readers, creating a book cover that stands out among the masses can be a challenge. If you want to learn how to design memorable, engaging book covers that will sell, you’ll love Design a Great Book Cover.

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Add three book cover designs to your portfolio

In Design a Great Book Cover, Genevieve will not only help you master the skills you’ll need to design a great book cover, she’ll also provide you with plenty of inspiration, advice and book cover design eye candy.

Once you determine what genre of books you’re interested in designing, Genevieve will help you review your portfolio and tailor your book covers to your personal style. She will also help you sell your ideas by showing you what book cover art directors are looking for in a designer.

You’ll design book covers from your portfolio from the concept stage to the finished presentation. After this three-week course is over, you’ll walk away with three strong book covers for your portfolio.

Designers of all skill levels will find this course perfect for expanding their skillsets. Current book cover designers will learn expert design and marketing techniques, and designers new to book cover design will learn a whole new skillset. Bookworms and typography enthusiasts will love taking their design skills to the next level and honing those skills for the book cover design niche.

If you’re seeking inspiration for your next book design project—or any project, for that matter—or you love browsing book covers, you’ll walk away from this course satisfied and well-versed in book design.

The course begins Monday, April 21, so don’t wait. Register for Design a Great Book Cover today!


E. Genevieve Williams has worked as an Art Director for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Time magazine, and was a faculty member in the graphic design department at the School of Visual of Arts for over 20 years. Her professional awards for creative direction, art direction, design, and teaching are numerous. In 2012 she won a silver Clio. Her latest enterprises include owning and creative directing a small multi-media design company, Studio E Genevieve, preparing a solo exhibition of her sculpture, and finishing her doctoral dissertation at the European Graduate School.