Colors of the Season

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I love color. And during this time of year I love the colors of the holiday seasons. Evergreen and winter white, cool blues with shimmering silver or royal, rich purples with shiny gold. And of course, how can I forget the color red. It demands my attention and makes me feel full of cheer. Best of all red is usually associated with the word “SALE”. And during this hectic shopping season, it is always great to grab a deal. So if you or someone on your holiday list is crazy about color and is also looking to grab a red hot sale. I have a few items on my list to share with you:

If you are a designer it is impossible to not love the Pantone. But if your chips are a bit faded or there are a few favorite colors that are missing, update to the PANTONE REFERENCE LIBRARY 50th Anniversary Edition is the ultimate resource for design firms, corporate communication design departments, agencies, schools or anyone who needs a complete source for color choices.

Or grab a color collection the not only gives you the tools but also how to use color to communicate and influence actions. This collection includes books on color palettes including their RBG, CMYK, and HEX codes. The conference presentations by Leatrice Eiseman and Jim Krause will help improve your skills with using colors.

Color Inspirations is a collection of over 3000 gorgeous color palette ideas from the award winning website/community They’ve compiled the best of the best palettes and put them in this book to live on in gorgeous print. They’ve also put them into a CD so you can quickly download any color palette idea you like straight into whatever design program you use! Author Jude Stewart also has a few color items on her list. Check them out here.

Have a colorful holiday season!