CoviDiaries: At Home With Gail Anderson

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In order to make the creative world feel a bit less lonely and a bit more connected in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve decided to kick off a new blog series—CoviDiaries—that will bring us into the homes and minds of various designers, illustrators and other professionals, to see how they’re coping. We’ll publish a few installments each week and would love to hear from you, too. In the meantime, here’s a dispatch from Gail Anderson in Woodstock, NY.

I have opened my home to two other designers who are both tall, but who are opposites in every other way—Zipeng Zhu (left) and Joe Newton (right). Fortunately for me, both like to cook. Check back with me in a few weeks and we’ll see how many designers are still standing. It’s a reality show up here in Woodstock.