DEAL OF THE WEEK: Save 15% on Intro to UX Design Course

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User experience design (more commonly known as UX design) is a comprehensive approach to web design. It encompasses every aspect of a user’s interaction with your interactive design.

Because it is so multifaceted, understanding the entire UX design process and the full range of tools, methods and techniques can be challenging. Fortunately, expert interactive designer Patrick McNeil is teaching the HOW Design University course Introduction to UX Design.

This four-week, hands on course will immerse you in the user experience design process. And the best part is, we’re offering 15% off tuition this week only! Register today and enter discount code UXDESIGN15 at checkout.

The course will provide you with a solid overview so that you can understand how the process works and how the pieces fit together. If you are looking to get started with user research, usability testing and the fundamentals of solid interface design this is the place to start!

An Introduction to UX Design

In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, user experience design is a holistic approach to interactive design. It incorporates the concepts of visual design, information architecture, interactivity, and usability.

UX design is also concerned with structure, access, search functions and other aspects of human-computer interaction (HCI). Armed with the knowledge of UX design, you can create a sleek, compelling user experience that will keep clients and users coming back for more. You’ll learn the best way to incorporate interactivity to provide the best user experience possible.

Register for Intro to UX Design today! Use discount code UXDESIGN15 to get 15% off tuition.

UX Design for Beginners and Experienced Designers

Often the hardest part of learning UX design methods if figuring out how to just get started. If you aren’t sure how to get started in interactive design or UX design, this course is an invaluable resource. In Intro to UX Design, McNeil will provide a big-picture look at the process while providing fun exercises and opportunities to jump in and try out the methods described.

The primary objective of Introduction to UX Design us to introduce traditional designers to UX design. The course offers resources and lessons for both beginners and more seasoned designers.

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App Design, Web Design and More!

This course provides a holistic look at UX design, showing students how to incorporate principles into app design, web design and other digital interfaces.

In addition to providing an overview of UX design and the user-centered design process, the course will also take a close look at user research, planning projects and getting hands-on with critical methods for getting in touch with users. By the second week, you’ll be ready to craft an awesome user experience.

You’ll dive into wire framing and prototyping all sorts of design solutions for a diverse range of experience. Students will also examine user testing, best practices and the process of seeing your ideas through to a completed design.

Read more and register for Intro to UX Design! Don’t forget to enter code UXDESIGN15 at checkout to receive 15% off tuition—this week only!


Patrick McNeil, the creator of Design Meltdown, is the content director for HOW Interactive Design and the author of the Web Designer’s Idea Book series. He’s not only an HTML teacher, he can instruct in all the fundamental languages of the web—JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and more.