Editor’s Choice: What can we learn…

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Today and tomorrow, the Design Group Editors have been given a great deal of power. For the next two days, their favorite books are half cover Print’s MyDesignShop.com price. What can we learn from an Editor’s Pick? Let’s take a look at what they chose.


Sarah Whitman is the editor of HOW + Print magazines. Her first choice, Mastering Type, has been one of our biggest sellers and as a two-day Editor’s Pick, it’s just $20. What I love about Sarah’s choice is that typography is one of Print’s most loved category – typography – and Mastering Type covers design as well as typography’s science and history.

Sarah also chose The Corporate Creative. This is a great choice for creatives that work on teams. Motivating creative teams can be challenging with so much passion and ideas. Effective communication is key, along with a few key strategies (located in the book).


Print’s Content Director, Bridgid McCarren picked two of our OnDemand DesignCast programs – Nicholas Felton: On Information Design OnDemand DesignCast and Designing for WordPress: What You Need to Know to Create Amazing Websites, OnDemand DesignCast. Both courses offer incredible insight and are just $34.50 today and tomorrow.

My choice is The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3, full of examples and information in building and designing websites, written by best-selling author, Patrick McNeil.

Scott Francis, editor of HOW + Print books picked one of our top sellers – The Logo Brainstorm Book. That says a lot about this book that it is endorsed by the editor in charge of books. Hmmmm….


To view the entire list of favorites – all 50% off – visit our Editor’s Picks at MyDesignShop.com.