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Looking for some design or drawing inspiration? Whenever I hit a creative roadblock, I find that sitting down and drawing for a few minutes can provide that much-needed spark to fuel my more exceptional designs. And I often find that the more I learn about drawing, the more sophisticated my work becomes.

Add creativity to your designs with the Enhance Your Design Skills with Drawing Collection. This collection featured four resources by award-winning illustrator Danny Gregory, who presents the experiences and knowledge of a wide range of artists and designers to guide your artistic journey.

The Enhance Your Design Skills with Drawing Collection features two books and two downloadable presentations that show you how to improve drawing skills and inspire more creative designs. These resources will help your ideas flow from your sketchbook to your computer screen.

In the collection, you’ll find…


An Illustrated Journey

An art journal featuring the work of more than 40 up-and-coming artists, An Illustrated Journey provides insights into private travel journals, helping you find drawing inspiration of your own. In each essay the artist discusses experiences, materials and techniques alongside images of present pages of their art journal.

Learn how to document your travels by drawing your experiences, and explore the ways artists create travel art journals. If you’re experiencing a creative block and are searching for help, the inspirational tips from fellow artists will help you formulate new ideas for creating your own art journal. Included in the Enhance Your Design Skills With Drawing Collection because of its collaborative, inspirational tone, An Illustrated Journey is an excellent resource for design inspiration and improving your drawing skills.

An Illustrated Life


An artist’s journal is packed with sketches and captions – some rough, some polished. An Illustrated Life offers a sneak peak into the wildly creative imaginations of top illustrators, designers and artists from around the world through the pages of their personal visual journals.

In this book, Gregory reveals how and why keeping a consistent, visual journal leads to a more fulfilling creative life and fuels new ideas.

The pages of An Illustrated Life are sometimes startling, sometimes endearing, but always inspiring. Whether you’re an illustrator, designer, or simply someone searching for design and drawing inspiration, these pages will open a whole new world to you.

The most personal resource in the Enhance Your Design Skills With Drawing Collection, this book offers designers and artists both inspiration and entertainment.


How Your Sketchbook Can Open Your Mind, Boost Your Creativity & Rock Your World (mp3)

How Your Sketchbook Can Open Your Mind, Boost Your Creativity & Rock Your World” is Gregory’s presentation from the 2013 HOW Design Live Conference.

In the presentation, Gregory inspires creative minds with his own story of creative discovery. Download it with the Enhance Your Design Skills With Drawing Collection to learn how he began drawing again in his mid thirties, keeping an illustrated journal of his day-to-day life, and how this practice opened him up to all sorts of new experiences and discoveries. His example, his books and his website have inspired many thousands of people around the world to rediscover their own creative spark.

Gregory’s presentation includes many examples from his own work as well as from dozens of other artists, designers, illustrators and everyday folks. When he spoke at the HOW conference, many in the audience were moved to start drawing again for the first time in years, and have maintained that habit. His new presentation is informational and inspirational for designers of every type.

Among the other resources in the Enhance Your Design Skills With Drawing Collection, this presentation is the motivational boost you need to fuel your own creativity and create something exceptional.

The Drawing Habit (mp3)

It’s crucial for artists and designers to stay in the habit of drawing. Your own sketchbook can be an endless source for design inspiration if you fill it with your ideas and observations, expressing yourself, stifling your inner critic, having fun, and creating.

Another presentation by Gregory, The Drawing Habit offers a simple series of steps to help you make drawing an everyday habit, intensifying your creativity, your ability to communicate and your outlook on life.

This presentation will provide you with sketchbook ideas and revitalize your creativity.

As part of the Enhance Your Design Skills With Drawing Collection, this book offers clear, concise advice for maintaining your drawing habit and keeping your ideas fresh.

About Danny Gregory:

Danny Gregory is the author of 6 exciting art books and he is an experienced illustrator. He is Executive Creative Director of a major New York ad agency and his work has won many awards. His illustrations have been featured in New York Times and many other publications and books.