International Competition Quiz #1: What am I?

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Thumbnail for What is the most famous logo created by hand?

Think you know what food this Nutrition Fact label is for? Comment below and we’ll let you know the answer tomorrow.

In the meantime, sign up for our free webinar with the man who designed the Nutrition Facts label as well as the Energy Guide and the Drug Labels, Burkey Belser. Get some incite on packaging design and how complicated the Nutrition Facts labeling was.

Sign up for an hour with Burkey Belser, Thursday, Sept. 5 at 2 pm ET

If you’re wondering how the designers, illustrators, printers, poster makers, design activists, artists, all the people that draw the feelings and create the graphics that live in our world are awarded honors and win competitions, it’s not hard to explain. They entered. In fact, big companies have their marketing divisions set competitions as part of their external goals. Even top writing awards like The Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award requires authors to enter, meaning there are some excellent writers out there that will never even get noticed in their lifetime.

Print and it’s sister publication, HOW, manage various competitions. Winners are showcased online and in the pages of their respective magazines. The Regional Design Annual (RDA) is a book created on its own, considered an historical piece of history as well as an iconic design annual. We offer several awards’ options to give examples of work as possible to get in front of distinguished judges and influential designers. The cost is always at a minimum and the winners remain part of our awards’ archives for years to come.

Burkey Belser, the designer who created the Energy Guide, the Nutrition Facts and the Drug Facts is a recipient of several HOW and Print awards. He advocates entering competitions to earn recognition as well as peer-to-peer connections. On Thursday, September 5th at 2pm ET, he will provide an overview of his work on these labels and his work since then, as well as what competitions did for his career and that of his agency. Space is limited so sign up today here. Join Us.


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