Nick vs. the USA—An Illustrated Journey

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Would ya believe? They’re done. The Manske boys and Marcus are back from their four-month long tour around the country promoting the I’m From Driftwood 50 State Story Tour. They did, indeed, end up hitting all 50 states and Nick drew these awesome postcards to commemorate (we’ll have the rest of the cards up soon). Check ’em out and go visit the tour site while you’re at it.

Some more amazing illustrated postcards by Nick Manske in the ongoing adventure that is the I’m From Driftwood 50 State Story Tour. For those counting at home, that’s 33 down and only 17 more to go.

The Manske boys are back to it (with some help from Marcus!). Raising money for a good cause and exploring the American countryside. Check out how it all started here. Scroll down to see Nick’s post cards, and read about the trip so far. (And help a brother out while yer at it!)

After two months on the road, the Manske boys took a little time to enjoy the sun and sand of California. Then it was on to Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Next stop, their home state of Texas, where they started the whole “Fifty State Story Tour.” Click here to read all about the “I’m From Driftwood” project, and here to follow Nick’s blog about the experience. And be sure to scroll down all the way to see Nick’s great illustrations from each state they’ve visited so far.

The west is the best! Nick and Nate head to Washington and Oregon.

If you haven’t been following along, Nick and Nate Manske have embarked on a cross country road trip to spread the word about Nate’s I’m From Driftwood project. Along the way Nick has been drawing postcards for each state. The latest is Montana. Next they’re on to Washington and Oregon. All tolled, they’ve been to (in chronological order): Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho. Scroll down to see Nick’s take on each state.

The Manske boys have hit a few more states in the past couple of weeks. Scroll down to see everywhere they’ve visited to spread the word about their “Fifty State Story Tour” (part of the I’m From Driftwood project).

The boys are really cooking. From Missouri they quickly hit Iowa, Wisconsin, and then Minnesota. On to the badlands of the Dakotas next. Scroll down to learn more about their journey.

Last time we checked in withe the Manske boys they were in Kansas. Now they’ve moved on into the great Show Me state of Missouri.

Rolling along, the Manske boys moved from Oklahoma to Kansas.

This week, our intrepid illustrator’s impression of Oklahoma (and don’t forget to check out Nick’s blog, or his brother Nate’s site, I’m From Driftwood).

Last week (and in chronological order): Texas

When Nick Manske’s brother Nate needed someone to drive him and a camera crew around the country for their “Fifty State Story Tour” (part of the I’m From Driftwood project) Nick left a good job, a loving girlfriend, and a cat named Eliot to help his brother out ’cause that’s what big brothers do (and also because it sounded like a helluva lot of fun).

So now the brothers Manske are trekking to every state in the union. Along the way Nick is blogging about his experience and, being the talented illustrator that he is, he’s also drawing really cool postcards from each state.

Since Nick and Nate are both from Driftwood, Texas that’s where they started the tour and that’s where the first postcard comes from.

Up next: Oklahoma!