One Proven Tip to Gain New Clients

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Sounds stingy, but this one tip is a big one:

Win Design Competitions.

Design Army has won well over 500 design awards, both national and international. The agency’s work has graced covers, been admired by peers and surrounded by other well-known designers who were honored at the same time.

The agency awards include wins for Print’s Regional Design Annual, HOW’s Logo Design Competition and HOW’s International Design Awards.

“It’s a good way for us to reach clients,” says Jake Lefebure, CEO and Co-founder of

created by Design Army

created by Design Army

the Design Army. “Everybody gets HOW and Print, In-house and out of house. I’ve always referred to Print’s Regional Design Annual as the phone book.”

Design Army is now in its tenth year. Lefebure credits awards and honors as one of the reasons for the company’s success. HOW and Print showcase winners in their

publications to offer inspiration and build camaraderie in the design community. Lefebure is also cognizant of the incredibly long hours and hard work his staff puts into their projects.

“You owe it to your staff,” he says, “And, they like to win.”

Being published in HOW and/or gives his team something to show family members. An award that is earned alongside other high quality designers provides not only credibility, but also allows studios, artists, designers and agencies to compare creative work and gain new clients. Lefebure finds international programs like HOW Design International Competition as a way of comparing work on a global scale.

In the end, though, Lefebure says winning is a great accomplishment and a team effort worth sharing.


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