Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists, Set #2

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The Transients by Ryan Peltier (Brooklyn, NY)

Materials used: Watercolor, gouache and inks on cotton rag paper, 17″ x12″Artist’s statement:

I am influenced by American and European Folk Art and things like really old Mickey Mouse cartoons, they are kind of dark and the references are all out of date and that makes them better in a way. They are enigmatic, you can’t really put your finger on why you love them so much. I think there is something a little sinister about my work that comes through and that is what people respond to. I think it can be healthy for art to contradict itself somehow, to be honest, to contain duplicity.


Delta Bluesmen by Eamonn Donnelly (Chicago, IL)

Materials used: Charcoal, graphite, acrylic paint, scotch tape on bristol & photoshop.Artist’s statement:

This series pays homage to the performers that provided American music with a truly unique identity. Those early, raw recordings of Delta Blues laid the foundations for multiple genres that followed. My approach to the work was akin to a blues song; simple, honest and direct. Art direction by John Sanford for Muse magazine.


Amelia by Joseph Hasenauer (Philadelphia, PA)

Materials used: 16″x20″ Mixed media (oil & ink) on MasoniteArtist’s statement:

Amelia is part of a collection of paintings and drawings that bring to life girls and their pet octopus. Inspired by an actual encounter with a live octopus while snorkeling in Mexico. The collection depicts girls taking walks (Amelia), practicing the accordion (Barbara), riding bicycles (Katie), knitting scarves (Laura), listening to vinyl records (Molly) or just sitting and reading (Laura) all with their eight legged loyal companions.


ACE Hotel mural by Timothy Goodman (San Francisco, CA)

Materials used: Black paint markers and opaque black paintArtist’s statement:

Wall mural for the Ace Hotel in New York City. I hand drew 99 picture frames to create a dense wall of ‘discovery’ about NYC that could be passed to the common tourist staying in the room. Each frame contains a different fact/love/tidbit/thing of interest/or shout-out to a place I dig in the city. At roughly 120 square feet, the art was drawn imprecisely to capture the spontaneity and grit of the city.