Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists, Set #5

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Deep Within the Topiary by Charlotte Ricker (Littleton, CO)

Materials used: Created using pastel and gouache.Artist’s statement:

“Transcending the Topiary” is a children’s adventure series about twin sisters, Issy and Gabby, who discover an enormous magical structure in the tall, sculpted hedges at the edge of their backyard. This discovery catapults them into new and extraordinary worlds in which the girls explore earth’s ecosystems. In these environments, they are befriended by native creatures who pose intricate puzzles for the girls to solve. Through this playful quest, the girls are educated about endangered habitats, gaining a respect for the land and a greater appreciation for the complexities of nature.


You + Me = Us by Mei Yan Jane Lee (Hong Kong, China)

Materials used: Color markers and felt-tipArtist’s statement:

You + Me = Us is a find peoples game. To find all it’s missing people in the happy wonderland. The illustrations are inspired by the modern buildings in Hong Kong, which is a metropolitan city brimming with life. The illustration has shown the people’s livelihoods, bustling and crowded atmosphere of Hong Kong. The illustration of You + Me = Us is to bring a positive and happy feeling to the entire world. My design is aimed to delight you with bright colours and fun design to lighten up your day.


Drawn from Practice by Mike Reed (Minneapolis, MN)

Materials used: Pen/ink, watercolors and electronic media to create the artwork; Designer used hi-res scans of the illustrations and InDesign software to create the promotional materials.Artist’s statement:

“We knew right the start that the most memorable aspect of the design for Drawn from Practice would be the beautiful gestural drawings. The artist sketched performers and other artists while practicing their craft. The documentation-as-drawing inspired the design concept. A utilitarian, library-like label inference held the exhibition name and details; typographic choices supported the same approach. A series of 3 large drawings were sized and cropped for dynamic visual interest and interrupted by the label area for each piece. The label element position was dictated by the drawing’s composition allowing each poster to function singularly.”


Autumn Man by Kelly Mellings (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Materials used: Photoshop CS5, Wacom Cintiq 21UXArtist’s statement:

The Autumn Man is Kelly Mellings’ contribution to Pulp’s first campaign. “I wanted to create an air of mystery and other worldliness, to create a somber, haunting, and vaguely mythic image in the vein of the pre raphaelites. Autumn Man is a tree spirit, a green man, of the fair folk.”