Print’s Hand Drawn Illustration Competition Finalists, Set #6

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New Girls Club by Michael Byers (Guelph, Ontario, Canada)

Materials Used: Ink and Digital ColorArtist’s statement:

This piece was for an article about a woman who started a new financial service company directed towards helping women in financial crisis.


When This Shall Fall Into Your Hands, I Shall Have Disappeared by Jared Boggess (Doswell, VA)

Materials used: Pen and inkArtist’s statement:

A 2-Page spread for Stevenson’s classic, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. At a climactic moment where Mr Utterson stumbles in to find Mr Hyde’s limp corpse, he begins reading the note left for him by Dr Jekyll: “When this shall fall into your hands, I shall have disappeared, under what circumstances I have not the penetration to foresee.”


Quail Fig Bouquet by Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius (Philadelphia, PA)

Materials used: Acrylic paint and inkArtist’s statement:

This is our interpretation of Alice Waters’ recipe, “Quail Salad with Roasted Fig Vinaigrette”. Our favorite break from studio work is going to the market, finding good ingredients, preparing them, and sitting down to a nice meal. Lately, we’ve been mixing our art practice with our love of food.


The Leviathan by Philip Cheaney (Brooklyn, NY)

Materials used: Ink, watercolor, digitalArtist’s statement:

The Leviathan is part of a series of illustrations for a Biblical Bestiary book titled “Superbook,” which focuses on some of the more fantastic and bizarre creatures and beings found in the Bible.