Print’s “Hand Drawn” Illustration Competition Winner Revealed

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Last year Print held its very first illustration competition after 70 years in the biz. The “Hand Drawn” competition asked artists to show us their best work across a multitude of illustration styles. After hundreds of entrants our esteemed judges (Deanne Cheuk and Luba Lukova) chose a winner ($500 prize) and two runners up ($250 each), as well as 47 finalists (lots of love). We will present them all to you over the next few weeks starting today. Please enjoy and don’t forget to sign up for this year’s Hand Drawn competition.

First Place WinnerShoulda Fed The Cats by Jennifer Browning

Materials used: Mixed Medium. (Charcoal pencil, Ink, Photography, Digital)Artist’s statement:

“After days of being cooped up in my closet-sized, Brooklyn bedroom with a deliriously high fever, I couldn’t shake the image of my grandparent’s living room (yes, plastic-covered furniture and creepy cat decor) or the fear that my insane cat was going to eat me alive while I slept. While the fever eventually broke and I upgraded my bedroom size, my cat on the other hand—still totally crazy. So just to be safe, I make sure I keep his food bowl extra full.