The Art of Mingling

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Ever heard the saying, it’s all about who you know? The people you interact with can craft the makeup of your client base.

To perfect your networking skills and pop up on the right person’s radar, you’ll have to get out there and sell your solution, says Dyana Valentine, instigator. Valentine focuses on finding clients that are ready to move forward. During the past 12 years, she has used her proven business-boosting powers to coach 700+ entrepreneurs with conceptual approaches to community psychology.

As you moving throughout a crowd, let go of the pressure to meet as many people as possible and focus on getting to know a few. Once you enter a room, it is only natural to be interested in engaging with five to ten percent of its inhabitants. To meet the most influential individuals, maneuver throughout the room by being polite and communicating with those that seem interesting to you. To find these individuals, be selective by using signals, such as eye contact, similar clothing, and like personalities.

“You want your inner beings to feel connected and groove with each other,” Valentine says.

As you strike up conservations, say phrases, such as “please let me know what you are interested in,” or “nice to meet you,” or “thank you, I’m going to keep mingling” to be polite as you maneuver throughout a room.

Crowds are easy to navigate if you are a mover ‘n shaker, but what if you are shy? How would you find your way?

1. Stand in the corner, and flip on the imaginary switch in your head. Make yourself seem available for someone’s attention. Then wait and see what happens and who approaches you.

2. Write notes on the back of someone’s business card about your conversation, and include what you could offer them.

3. Before you attend an event, figure out what you would like to discuss. Bring something that you are working on and try to obtain feedback from other design masterminds.

Take 15 minutes a day and tell the truth, Valentine recommends. Working in a truthful environment promotes a friendly workspace and a good energy between yourself and your clients.

“The truth will never let you down,” she adds.

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