The Print Conspiracy: Quashing Rebellion

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I love a good conspiracy theory so I would like to propose one now. For years, we’ve been hearing that digital media is cannibalizing print. What if rumors of print’s demise is just a ploy to keep the masses under control?

Authorities in Kūnmíng, the capital of Yunnan province in Southwest China are trying to quash the growing protests against a billion-dollar petroleum refinery prior to the upcoming China-South Asia Exposition from June 6 to 10. They have already blocked

“The words ‘Pengzhou’ and ‘Tianfu Plaza’ were blocked to searches through social media, says the South China Morning Post.”

But that clearly hasn’t stopped protestors from getting information out.

The police have now regulated the production of “t-shirts and printing or photocopying banners related to the PX project.” Printers now require I.D. purchase any white t-shits, banners or copying.

According to The Global Times:

“Some 200 owners of photocopying, printing and T-shirt sales businesses in Anning have signed an agreement guaranteeing that they would not trust, spread or help spread rumors related to the PX project in an effort to ensure the city’s stability, the Guangzhou-based Nandu Daily reported Monday.”

What to you think? Am I on to a sinister ploy to control the masses?



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