The Week in Imprint, 8/20

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In case you were on vacation this week, here’s a quick summary of the articles you may have missed:

Ecstatic Publishing: An Interview with Thurston Moore and Eva PrinzThe lead singer of Sonic Youth and Prinz, a former editor at Rizzolli, discuss their new publishing venture and how they manage business attitudes with idealism. “I think any real business has to start out with pure idealism,” says Moore. “Otherwise it’s just a business. If you can make a business out of your initial idealism, then that’s your success.” Read more

Five Questions with Penguin Art Director Paul BuckleyTo commemorate the 75th anniversary of Penguin Books, art director Paul Buckley chose 75 book covers to investigate the design process behind each one. He talks about his book cover “eureka” moment and how book designers deal with compromise. “I am generally happy with the compromises—a book is a collaborative effort where many have things at stake, and all involved want it to do well,” says Buckley. “When you see a book where the designer left his or her credit off, that is an example of where the compromises spun out of control.” Read more

The Worst Designs in the World? Welcome to “The Eddies”In the August “Rants + Raves” issue of Print, 11 designers dish on the things they love about the current state of design, and, juiciest of all, the things they hate. To follow up on this conversation, we thought it would be fun to set up a new forum where you, the readers, can participate in the discussion as well. Read more

The Orange and the BluesIt’s more common than a car chase through San Francisco that ends with the lovers kissing in a downpour. But we’re not talking about the slavish onslaught of sequels and mindless remakes. No. We’re talking about the criminal use of the orange / blue color combination that has become the slut of the movie poster color wheel. Read more

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil’s $6.46 Multi-Language T-ShirtThe visual identities of everyday oils (motor, cooking, etc) tend to favor certain colors, right? Yellows, greens, reds, blues, white, and black. Maybe an orange here or there. But purple oil packaging is startling. And the company’s amazing purple T-shirt is available for only $6.46. Read more

Roger Black Talks About the Potential of TypeOn the week of his keynote at the TypeCon conference, and so soon after his dustups at ICON and with the Society of Publication Designers, Roger Black talks about expanding markets for type designers. “The way we are going, there will soon be the ability for individuals to adopt specific fonts for their e-mail messages,” he says. “This turns the font business from wholesale to retail. The potential for type designers and typographers is enormous.” Read more

Over on The Daily Heller, Steven Heller asks why the Tea Party is using the clenched fist as a design motif, finds some cool robots on Etsy, posts some images from a new catalog of the work of Tomi Ungerer, and points to a book with terrific illustrations by Pablo Ferro. He went to see Eat, Pray, Love. (Hated it.)

And on Obsessions, Patric King found 250 typographic T-shirts and 365 ampersands, offered some excellent advice for using Facebook Places (as well as the new Typekit/Adobe alliance), and found some very interesting Star Trek/iPad comparisons.

And lastly, a gun-hating liberal New Yorker selects the 48 best gun manual covers.