Twitter, One Direction, The Walking Dead and Art

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#Art was trending last night on Twitter, along with #1Dmemories, #TheWalkingDead and #TheBible (eclectic company). I suppose it could have been trending for some guy named #Art, but I was overcome with enthusiasm and an incredible tingling knowing that millions were indeed using the hashtag #Art and I, through @Printmag, could influence these interested tweeters by posting quotes, tweeting art links and getting behind this amazing Sunday night find! So I immediately tweeted:

tweet 1

35 Retweets and 20 Favorites in 16 minutes!!!

One minute later I tweeted:

tweet 2

Indeed, it was about #Art, not a person named #Art. And, the Retweets and Favorites kept coming:

tweet 3

I realized at that point that Art still inspires; it still influences and moves people! Best of all, this #Art night of Twitter, confirmed what I have always known – Art is our common language. And, more importantly, my eyes were opened to the enormous role that Print – the verb, the noun and the magazine – plays in keeping Art alive. Print magazine seeks out the artists that may not get noticed. Our columnists remind people of how Art has been used, in the past and now, and especially how it is used when coupled with beautiful print products to influence.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that Print is dead, just remember that there are millions still reading, still making posters, and still showcasing their Art, among other things, and no one medium can contain the force that Art possesses. Think of how unfortunate life would be with only electronic images of Art. Viva La Print!



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