Using Packaging to Connect, Starting at Aisle 7

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Does packaging effect your decision of which product you buy? I know how I’d answer that question: Absolutely. Like many of my fellow humans, I’m influenced by design. It’s everywhere. Especially when I’m standing in the middle of aisle seven staring at a sea of razors and wondering which one really will transform my stubble into satin? The packaging is what speaks to me and answers that question: Do I really need this? Will this solve my problem?

Andrew Gibbs, author of “Box Bottle Bag: The World’s Best Packaging Design from” and host of thedieline Package Design Conference, says it best in the book’s introduction: “Well-designed packaging has the power to turn a want into a need, and into a purchase. … It has the power to directly trigger the emotions of the consumer, and it is what makes someone fall in love with a product, or even hate it. It’s that emotional connection that makes a design a success.”

Jennifer Tausch, creative director for LPK Beauty in Cincinnati, echoes that sentiment. “The trend for package design over the past 10 years has been tasked with connecting emotionally to the consumer and storytelling on pack[age].” Tausch believes that the lasting impression, or story, conveyed by a brand through a consumer experience should continue from the shelf to the home and use of the product.

It’s with a tried and true strategy that Tausch has delighted products’ target markets again and again. In an upcoming HOW Design University workshop — Introduction to Package Design — Tausch will teach attendees how to do just that. Learn more about this packaging design course, open to all designers, that’ll help you create the perfect package.

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