DIY Wall Graphics, Courtesy of Bruce Mau Design and Blik

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You’re probably familiar with Blik, the California retailer of self-adhesive, removable surface graphics that’s released collections by Keith Haring, 2×4, Charles and Ray Eames, and several other noteworthy artists and designers.

For its latest product line, unveiled today, Blik teamed up with Bruce Mau Design (BMD) to develop an online tool that lets users create their own graphics using a set of dynamic letterforms. As an added bonus, the resulting wall decals will be produced using a phtyalate- and VOC-free alternative to traditional PVC.

We tested the “Blik x BMD” tool this morning, and can attest to its ease of use. To start, you simply type in a message to generate a batch of playful letter shapes designed by BMD. Then you’re free to tinker with the letters’ size, placement, and color. The tool skews toward a cheerful and slightly cutesy aesthetic, but it’s not hard to customize your creations for whatever style suits your mood and decorative leanings. (Warning: It’s also very easy to lose a half hour playing with the variety of options.)

If you’re too lazy and/or busy to design your own piece, you can also select from one of a handful of “featured creations” made by Blik designers (we’re showing several examples below.) Both these and the DIY creations can be purchased in your choice of two sizes: 24-by-12 inches (for $20) or 48-by-24 inches ($40). Try it out for yourself at Blik x BMD.

"Flower Camouflage" by Duy Pham

"Urbanism" by Hunter Tura

"The Peacock" by Nabila Amarsy

"Blik & White" by Elvira Barriga

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