Madrid City Council’s Plastic Usage Campaign

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Instead of using stark illustrations or photography, but by using silhouettes of common items, and high contrast black-and-white, the Madrid City council's plastic campaign easily and quickly communicates information about recycling and trash.

"Madrid City council's plastic usage campaign​​​​​​​

Working on a project involving social and environmental issues, we always become more conscious of our good and bad habits. Because the idea behind it is so important to keep in mind, the result usually has sharp aesthetics.

We paired neutral typography, black and white, and silhouette illustrations, letting us show a large variety of different objects while maintaining each element’s recognizable characteristics. This way, we helped citizens know about all the other alternatives to plastic within a few seconds.

A bold approach with all its elements to pass on this kind of mindset."

Words: Blanca Bassols

Photography: Félix Ruiz