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Mission Minis Bakery

Mission Minis Bakery – San Francisco designed by Antlre Inc.

I have been working on this ongoing large-miniature project, the design of all things delicious looking (and tasting!) at Mission Minis Bakery in San Francisco. We took what was a tiny and very old—and very small—video rental store and transformed it into a mini bakery of mini cupcakes. Sorry no “before” shots, you know I love those…

mini table and chairs in front of Mission Minis SF, design by Antlre Inc.

Mini table and chairs in front of Mission Minis SF, design by Antlre Inc.

I found this set of table and chairs at the flea market and painted them to match the shop. It just begs for little kids to sit out front and eat their cupcakes.

Mission Minis Bakery

Movable pony wall and counter – Mission Minis SF, design by Antlre Inc.

We made the counter base out of a giant antique door turned on it’s side. The counter top is a beautiful slab of oak. My main builder Dan Donavan crafted this piece. We hid casters underneath so the beast could be moved around for cleaning and festivities.

I found these great stools (above) from a school supply catalog, painted them, stained the MDF seat and then dunked one leg from each stool in sprinkles. I ended up finding some stools I like even better so the first round ended up in my house, (the prop cemetary). These little cuties (below) ended up making the cut, they work perfect in the bakery.

Sprinkled stools - Mission Minis

Sprinkled stools – Mission Minis SF, design by Antlre Inc.

Sprinkled stools - Mission Minis

Stools and baseboards – Mission Minis SF, design by Antlre Inc.

I removed the baseboards, painted them high gloss black, flipped them over and dripped the gooey pink paint down them, let them dry and then flipped them back over to re-install. All around the bakery, it looks like there is pink frosting oozing up from he baseboards. I like how subtle it turned out; it doesn’t slap you in the face or look messy, one has to be paying attention to notice.

"Antique" flour sacs for Mission Minis – designed by Antlre Inc.

We made flour sacs from tight cotton fabric so the flour wouldn’t leak, then created a graphic, and printed the graphic at %80 opacity so it looked older. We dyed cotton rope red and applied vintage grommets to close up the bags. Here you see a few hung across the back wall on rope with clothespins.

The flavor boards are made so that the flavors can change out with the seasonal fruits, and they flip over when the item is sold out.

Mission Minis Bakery

Chairs at Mission Minis

We started collecting mini items to use for window displays.

Outside Sitting Area

Mission Minis Bakery

Brandon Arnovick – Mission Minis owner

My goal was to have it feel delicious, precious, and a little rock n’ roll. We are adding on another tier of aesthetics this week. Coffee nook and swinging saloon doors. More to come!