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Interested in attending events in the design industry? Get ready to mark your calendar! Find out about upcoming design conferences, such as HOW Design Live, graphic design conferences, specifically suggested by Print Magazine.

Is Design Thinking Really Bullshit? Thoughts from Marty Neumeier

Last June, Pentagram partner Natasha Jen gave a main-stage presentation to a rapt audience of 1,000 at Adobe’s 99U conference in New York City. Her talk was engaging, funny, and brought forth some heady thoughts on the design thinking process. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s definitely worth a watch. An engaging speaker,...

The Power of 1 on 1 at HOW Design Live

HOW Design Live showcases nearly 100 expert speakers (including Seth Godin, Maria Popova and Daniel Pink). But the most important person you meet at this year's design conference may be the person sitting next to you.

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The Six Designers You’ll Find At Design Conferences

Oh, the Archetypes You’ll Meet The next time you go to a design conference, look around. Not just at the conference signage. Or at the booth with shiny freebies. Or at the olive tapenade. But at the people. One of the great things about design conferences like HOW Design Live is the diversity of people...

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Dieline 2019 Is All About Sustainability

The most important topic we’re discussing at this year’s Dieline Conference at HOW Design Live is Sustainability and how we can end our reliance on single-use plastics. If you’re interested in finding solutions to plastic waste and making your package design sustainable, then look no further than Dieline Founder Andrew Gibbs’s presentation, “Dumping Plastic:...