Type Tuesday: Degular

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Last year, James Edmondson of OH no Type Company asked his Twitter followers: What’s the best—and worst—thing about OH no?

One answer to the latter haunted him for months:

“It would be great to be able to use an Ohno font more than once.”

With Edmondson’s signature humor, the winding path that led to his new face, Degular, is explored in depth here—but the key takeaway is that he indeed walked away with a workhouse that can be used more than once. (Some might even say more, given Degular’s 42 styles.)

The development was not without its surprises.

“When I began finishing up the work on these fonts, and showing them to my friends, their reaction was not at all what I had anticipated. They were saying things like, ‘Wild,’ and, ‘I can totally see your hand in this.’ In an effort to make something super bland and devoid of emotion, I had completely failed.”

As far as failures go, this is one we’re all about. See much more of Degular here.

Degular Display—Black

Degular Text—Light

Degular Display—Bold

Degular Display—Regular

Degular Display—Light

Degular Display—Thin


“The italic forms of ‘a’ and ‘g’ show up automatically in Degular Variable when the slant is pushed beyond 2°.”