5 Exceptional Design Portfolio Sites

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These days, a digital design portfolio is an essential element of any designer’s personal brand and online presence. With an effective online design portfolio, both print and interactive designers can easily showcase their work to potential employers, fellow artists and design enthusiasts.

In her online course, Preparing Your Portfolio, Denise Bosler advises designers to carefully craft their portfolio sites.

A designer’s voice is her/his portfolio. It’s the portfolio that gets work and is typically the first thing seen by a potential employer or client. Sure, she will look at your cover letter and resume, but your portfolio is the thing that really matters… Put your best foot forward by creating a knockout portfolio that not only reflects your talent, but also puts your work in front of the people who need to see it.

The web offers endless avenues for creating your digital design portfolio, but few offer such a user-friendly, versatile experience as Squarespace.

Squarespace is a website publishing platform that makes it easy to create beautiful websites, portfolios, blogs, and online stores without touching a line of code. With dozens of beautiful, customizable templates to choose from, Squarespace is a great platform for designers and artists to display their work. It’s simple and powerful, with drag-and-drop functionality and completely responsive designs. You can even try out Squarespace for free with a 14-day trial.

The new Squarespace 7 update offers even more new features, including a redesigned interface, new templates, a partnership with Getty images, Google Apps integration, and the Cover Pages feature, which lets you put up a gorgeous one-page website in minutes.

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We were keen to check it out ourselves, so we poked around on the web in search of excellent design portfolios, and we found some truly impressive examples that were created using Squarespace. Check out a few of our favorites:

5 Exceptional Design Portfolio Sites Created with Squarespace

Jeremy Richie


We love the way the colors on Jeremy Richie’s in-progress portfolio site pop, complementing his vivid design work.


Ashley Bedore


Showcasing her charming illustrations, Ashley Bedore’s design portfolio is basic and to-the-point. Check out her work, read about her, or explore her shop.


Sour Bones – Nick Carroll


A high-impact slideshow greets viewers on Nick Caroll’s portfolio site, presenting his work clearly and effectively.


Angry City – David Lee Angstead


Clean and simple with clear navigation, David Lee Angstead’s website is a classic example of a logical, refined portfolio.


Sheena Flynn


Designer/illustrator Sheena Flynn added an excellent typographic header to accompany her vibrant design work.


Looking to create a portfolio website like these? With Squarespace, you can showcase your artwork beautifully with full-screen presentations and dynamic slideshows that look spectacular on every device. You’ll also get the free Squarespace Portfolio app for iPad and iPhone, allowing you to take your work anywhere—no internet connection needed. Learn more and start your free 14-day trial. Use code HOWMAG10 to take 10% off.


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