A Web Design Conference Focused on Process

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Interactive design isn’t all about programming. In fact, if you’re a designer working in the digital space you know that the complexities inherent to web design extend beyond any one element or aspect of a project.

Some of us throw our designs over the proverbial wall to developers to take it to the next phase. And, some of us design websites with “code-free” tools. There’s no “one size fits all” in the industry, and there are plenty of designers who aren’t the most prolific with code. Truth is, any way you slice it, this brave new world of web design continues to twist and turn, merging and reforming with more to consider at each evolution.

Many of us know how we want our creative vision to play out onscreen, but in this ever-changing landscape it’s a challenge to stay fresh, proficient and informed. At the HOW Interactive Design Conference—September 3 – 5 in Washington, D.C., with additional dates in Chicago and San Francisco—you’ll learn the steps you need to transform your creative vision into a kick-ass website, app or interactive experience.

A Web Design Conference Focused on Process

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HOW Interactive Design Conference is the only web conference focused on design and the design process. In fact, you’ll learn from practicing interactive designers, not programmers. They’ll share their stories and design thinking that led to some of their groundbreaking work for clients like Fitbit, Twitter, GE, PepsiCo, Etsy, Anthropologie, ESPN, Google and many others —and you’ll walk away with practical strategies you can use in your own projects.

You’ll also get plenty of time—at happy hours, breakfast roundtables, meals and more—to make meaningful connections with other attendees and broaden your own interactive design network. You’ll never have to unravel a tricky web design dilemma all by your lonesome again!

HOW Interactive Design Conference; Web design conference

This year bigger is better. We’ve expanded our HIDC series across three cities with a line-up full of high-profile names and industry superstars. The HIDC Advisory Board members and speakers are the interactive designers blazing the paths to the future, and we’re granting you access to their thoughtful insights and problem-solving skills.

Gain Some New Perspective on Design

The team behind the legendary HOW Design Live brings their steadfast combination of knowledgeable speakers, timely topics and high-energy networking to the HOW Interactive Design Conference.

  1. Washington, D.C., September 3 – 5

  2. Chicago, October 19 – 21

  3. San Francisco, November 17 – 19

If there’s a no-brainer web design event not to miss, this is it…


Register by midnight, June 30th for HIDC in D.C., Chicago or San Francisco and save $200!