Big, Big News: Debbie Millman to Speak at HIDC

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If you know the Print brand, you know that we value our partnerships and relationships with designers. They are, after all, in the midst of changing the landscape that is design.

When I think of Print and Print partners, Debbie Millman rings top of mind. Her commitment to pushing the limits of design and inspiring other practitioners with her life, work and writing has made her an invaluable part of the design community at large.

So, when selecting a keynote speaker to invigorate our conference audience in Washington D.C., September 3-5, Debbie Millman was our ideal fit. We hope you’re free Thursday, September 4th at 1 PM, to experience design icon Debbie Millman taking the stage at the HOW Interactive Design Conference.

Debbie Millman Takes the Stage at HIDC Washington D.C.

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Yes, we’ve made it happen. The host of Design Matters—and President of Sterling Brands, author of Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits and Self-Portrait as Your Traitor, artist and long-time friend of HOW and Print—will be taking the stage to share her design wisdom and experiences at the craft. Debbie never fails to inspire us and challenge us to take risks that will make us better designers.

Debbie Millman; Self Portrait as Your Traitor

I first met Debbie Millman at HOW Design Live 2013. Beyond her design genius, I was immediately struck by her gracious, upbeat and approachable disposition. She’s smart, witty and fun – absolutely the kind of person I wanted to spend time with.

Debbie Millman is absolutely dynamic and charismatic. She’s interested in humanity, life – and how design intersects and “matters” in these larger contexts. Debbie brings an element of surprise to every event she graces. That’s precisely why I couldn’t be more thrilled to witness her live at the best interactive design event of the year …

Reserve your seat at HIDC D.C. right now and witness all that is Debbie Millman. You won’t be disappointed.


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