Cap Watkins of Etsy Talks Iterative Design at HIDC

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There’s still time to meet us in Chicago for the HOW Interactive Design Conference starting Sunday! It’s not too late to register for the full conference or a one-day pass.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Big-picture strategies and tactical approaches to creating great web design, from web design experts who have done amazing work for Mozilla, Etsy, Facebook, Nike and others.

  2. Creative inspiration from design gurus familiar to attendees of our sister event, HOW Design Live: Stefan Mumaw, Sam Harrison, Justin Ahrens, Haig Armen and Jim Krause.

  1. Critical connections with others in your line of work as well as with our approachable and accomplished speakers.

  2. FREE online learning through HOW U to keep your knowledge growing after the conference.

  3. Post-conference access to all available session recordings so that you can review those “a-ha” moments or catch sessions you missed.

Whether you’re a designer, developer or programmer, you’ll walk away with new ideas and techniques for creating great work on the web.

Cap Watkins of Etsy Talks Iterative Design Principles at HIDC

Cap Watkins, Senior Design Manager at Etsy, will dig into iterative design principles when dealing with product design, and here’s an inside look into what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a designer …

I’d probably be a professional chef. I did a little cooking in a restaurant back home during high school and that experience has stuck with me ever since. I like the chaos of it a lot. You have to take that craziness of a thousand different orders, compartmentalize it and execute.And if you’re prepared and keep your head, you survive. I still cook a lot at home and we throw dinner parties every couple of weeks. It’s not really the same, but I really enjoy that feeling of preparing, executing and seeing the result on the plate. I think designers and product teams could certainly take lessons from professional kitchens and apply them to their processes and work.

Sounds a lot like design work to us, Cap!

Don’t miss out on Cap’s talk and all of the other inspiration at this highly anticipated event. Discounted hotel rooms are still available, so get your travel plans nailed down and we’ll see you on Sunday!