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Social apps. Love ’em or hate ’em, most of us have our hands all over them.

Instagram and Twitter, among others, have changed the face of social media and the ways we choose to narrate our lives. Many of the socially savvy among us prefer images and hashtags to tell our stories, rather than relying solely on platforms that lend themselves to longer-form media exchanges. So what could be better than sharing images, videos and even audio with the world by a simple touch of the screen?


It’s possible with Momentage, a user-friendly app that captures and organizes moments in all of their multimedia glory. “Momentage creates stunning storyboards of our lives,” explains the app’s co-creator, George Castineiras. “It’s the first mobile app to transform images, video and voice into living, breathing celebrations of our spirit, artistry and ingenuity.”

Compared to the constraints of other social apps, the Momentage interface boasts an array of fully customizable options. Users decide how much text they’d like to include and how many images (up to 15), whether or not to add a related video, 30 seconds of audio, and more.


While Castineiras and co-creator JoAnn Ippolito trace the inspiration for Momentage back to 2006, the idea really took shape in 2012 when Castineiras was trying to share photos with his family and running into the usual platform constraints. It was then that he envisioned an app that could utilize and organize numerous media forms in a single post.

Meet Momentage—”The first mobile app to transform images, video and voice into living, breathing celebrations of our spirit, artistry and ingenuity,” says George Castineiras.

The aesthetically rich app makes it easy to connect with other users, an audience that’s been dominated by highly creative people—but one that continues to expand and diversify. “Momentage offers a flexible stage to tell stories, share experiences, teach interactively and communicate visually,” Castineiras says, “all without the constraints, clutter and compromises that typify other social apps.”

It’s no surprise that creatives have flocked to a smart, intuitive app with an engaging, integrated forum—something other social apps have yet to achieve. Whether you’re crafting your own story for the world or peering into someone else’s, Momentage invites us all to remember, relive and retell.

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