Interactive Designers Are Spinning the World

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Geoff Teehan of Teehan+Lax said it best when he proclaimed: “This is the golden age of design.” He was talking about the present. (Yes, the 21st century). This is the optimal time to be a designer. No, “you’re not late,” as Christopher Butler reminds us. There’s still plenty to do in the brave new world that encompasses design. Because it’s the designers among us who are changing the world.

Interactive Designers Are Shifting the World

Everywhere I turn I see the impact of designers: from wayfinding systems and city planning to signs and advertisements … not to mention the burgeoning interactive realm: smartphones, smart TVs and wearable tech.

Interactive designers work at the crux of where the world spins, crafting new technologies to assist our every need and desire.

Last week, I had the opportunity to witness over a dozen leading designers and hear their perspectives on the changing landscape at the HOW Interactive Conference in Washington D.C. These working designers see the complexities that lie within evolving tech – and the responsibility for interactive designers to handle this technology with care. These experts are working designers, driven to strive, think clearly and create products that are better, more accessible and user-based.

These designers are visionaries.

Here, Chris Cashdollar dives into client relationships, and how these interactions impact the design process and outcome.

Join me and the best interactive names in the business. Now is the time to embrace growth and change the trajectory of your design career.

Learn + Be Inspired By the Leaders in Interactive Design

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Design is a creative endeavor—regardless of the medium you work in.

We’ve just signed some of HOW Design Live’s most popular speakers—Stefan Mumaw, Sam Harrison, Justin Ahrens and Von Glitchka—to bring their trademark creative energy to the HOW Interactive Design Conferences in Chicago and San Francisco. And, the Chicago event closes with a keynote from one of the industry’s biggest stars, Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh.Come and learn from the design leaders who are influencing the way we all live and function in the world – and get the creative juice you need to take back to your next project.

Witness the designers who are spinning and turning the world. If you register by September 30, you’ll save $100. (Or sign up with another member of your team and save up to $150.)