Obsessions: June 1, 2010

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Here’s an interesting interview with Melissa Klug, director of marketing at Glatfelter, a paper manufacturer. Her company has started in on an initiative called Permanence Matters. It addresses, essentially, paper quality for documents that should last longer, in response to the recent increase in poor paper quality on booksellers’ shelves. There are interesting ideas at work behind this initiative, and some worth chewing upon for those of us who prefer our books to be digital.

Fascinating idea under construction at Typophile, and the logotype is being critiqued and responded to in real time. The end result is quite beautiful. It was interesting to me to see how some typographers work to smooth everything out into a legible, soothing line, while others prefer the dance and cacophony of difference.

Hey, everyone do you have your iPed? It’s only about $200, runs Android, comes preloaded with Van Halen’s 1984 (ew), and looks just like an iPad. I love that Chinese manufacturing can cheap anything up in a matter of minutes.

Update on previous Obsession BPGlobalPR, which is a twitter account which is utterly shrouded in mystery. It has more followers than BP’s actual Twitter account, and began responding to the BP Oil Spill crisis much faster than BP themselves did. So who’s behind the account? The thing is … nobody’s sure. Weirdly, BP’s not trying to have it shut down.

Christian Schwartz wants you to know why he started a type foundry. Especially now.

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