Obsessions: June 7, 2010

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Dead malls.

Is your local mall dying? Why worry, use it as a community farm space!

At Generation Bubble, there’s some thoughts brewing that we may be on the cusp of an Age of Rage, now that an entire class of investors has essentially created product preying upon a poorer class.

2K by Gingham is a marvelous t-shirt company dedicated to bringing street-smart, artistically-aware, culturally-savvy t-shirtage to your wardrobe. Frankly, I can find nothing wrong with a company willing to bring the world a Gilbert and George portrait t-shirt.

Margot over at Pitch Design Union turned me onto Herb and Dorothy, a documentary about a couple who have become recognized as foremost collectors of modern art despite their conspicuously modest middle-class income.

Diaspora, when complete, will be a transparent, open-source social network for those of us too freaked out by Facebook to join or keep our memberships. The project has been received with a shock of support that I’m sure the originators weren’t expecting—they opened the project on Kickstarter, asking for $10,000, but instead have made it to around $200,000 as of this writing in gifted funding. That indicates a huge amount of interest in what Facebook’s doing, in a way they aren’t doing it.