Obsessions: October 9th, 2009

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3-Eyed Bear generously gives us Kawaii for Truckers, a series of foldable adorables to live on our dashboards bobbing their heads appreciatively with the hum of the roads beneath us. There are three characters to smile at you and pass the time. If those don’t butter your biscuits, the sidebar’s full of other characters to cut out and fold.

Miss Alison makes handmade vinyl accessories in loud, candy-coated, and diamond-flecked muscle car colors. Pure Americana, handmade from pure synthetic factory-born science—these checkbook covers, purses, belts and accessories are the perfect American combination: mass-produced rock’n’roll.

Here’s an interesting way to use your Mac’s dock to keep yourself in a hyper-focused single-application mode of working. (I’ve been trying this all week, and it’s been a big help.) Interestingly, this has actually been around for quite some time—since OS X Developer Preview way back in 1999 or so. It’s now becoming much more useful, now that Snow Leopard has began using the dock more as a switcher, and it’s a good way to ensure that your email, chat, Facebook, and Hulu don’t distract you too much while you’re trying to get through it all.

Owly Shadow Puppets has everything you’ll need for Halloween: monsters, robots, dinosaurs, bat mobiles, and codependent forget-me-nots (which are really made for Valentine’s Day, but they’re creepy enough for Halloween as well). Each piece is a charming, primitive illustration laser-cut from heavy black board.

Kit Paulson makes beautiful, holdable glass objects from a simple light-colored glass, etched with modest linework. There are flasks and various containers like bowls and vases. All have a wonderful antique feeling to them.