Portable Print: Digital Readers Reviewed by Design Authorities

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Portable Print is a new series of video reviews of digital readers: iPhone apps, tablets, Kindles, and whatever else entrepreneurs can throw at us. We’ll investigate not just their usability but their beauty—gadget reviews from the point of view of the discerning designer who isn’t going to settle for just any replacement for their beloved books and magazines. In each video, we’ll talk to leading designers and critics, and consumers as well.

In our debut episode of Portable Print, Monica tries out the Great Books Mega Collection iPhone app at Housing Works Bookstore and Cafe in New York City’s SoHo. Print‘s own Steven Heller, design educator, author, and all-around expert, guest stars.

Portable Print is produced by Print‘s editor Emily Gordon, hosted by writer and designer Monica Racic, and filmed by Michael Cumella. Have a digital reader, app, or other product to recommend or submit for review? E-mail us.