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Show package winner: Ghe bharari (Fly)

For the show package for the Indian television program “Ghe bharari,” creative director Varun Chawla had two goals in mind: to channel the painter Salvador Dalí and to capture a dreamlike space in which the camerawork is invisible. The promotion, translated as “Fly,” channeled women from different walks of life who had the courage to fight against odds in their lives and achieve their dreams.

Chawla says that the camera was supposed to remain in the background so that viewers could derive their own interpretation of the inner beauty of a woman. “My first impression of this brief was abstract and to make it like a painting itself,” Chawla says. “I wanted the motion of the camera to be slow, smooth, and linear, without any cuts. I didn’t want to show a woman in the entire film.”

Competition judge Mark Kudsi thought the attention to detail, especially for broadcast graphics, was stellar. “The way the camera moves from left to right really allows the viewer to take it all in, letting it unfold before our eyes as opposed to an aggressive camera movement pulling us through,” he says. “It has a real painterly quality.”



Creative director/animator/producer: Varun Chawla, Mumbai; compositor: Darshan Barot; 3d artist: Prashant Shahane; client: Star Majha.


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