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The type world can feel like the most brutally exclusive of clubs, which makes the annual Print typography issue a doozey for the editors. Whether it’s ensuring that a “typeface” didn’t slip through when “font” should have been used, or “type design” didn’t take the place of “typography,” Editor-in-Chief Zachary Petit is constantly keeping up with the minutiae of terms at any cost.

However, this typography issue, with cover photo by John Keatley and typography by Louise Fili, is a bit different from past editions. Here, we dive into the turning tides of typography. Throughout the issue you’ll find voices advocating for “the strict adherence to classic terms,” while others advocate for everyone to “lighten up.”

Join the discussion, question the standards, give things a fresh look. Grab your copy of the Print Summer 2017 Special Typography Issue today.

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Featured in This Issue:

Women of Words Meet 10 of the most talented female creatives living and breathing letters today. By Rebecca Bedrossian

[Learn about a new typeface by Louise Fili | Jessica Hische: Letterer, Illustrator and “Procrastiworker”]

The Top 25 20th-Century Typographers In this roundup, Print breaks down the elite group of typographers who have made powerful and lasting contributions to the American typographic language. By Steven Heller

The Art of the Glance Monotype and MIT’s Clear-IP research lab shows typography’s true power—and how designers can more effectively wield it for the greater good. By Jason Tselentis

Over/Under Paul Shaw shines a fresh spotlight on a dozen overlooked and underappreciated typefaces that, for years—and for various reasons—have been kept in the dark. By Paul Shaw

[The original article: 12 Overlooked & Underappreciated Typefaces]

The Implausible Book For hundreds of years, the typography riddle dubbed the Voynich Manuscript has stumped scientists, baffled historians and confounded cryptologists. By Brandon Ambrosin

Tattoo Artist As Typographer? A manifesto and portfolio roundup of five artists who blur boundaries today. By Alex Harrell

Online Exclusive: On Variable Fonts with Dan Rhatigan


Grids + Guides A smattering of the latest from the world of design. By Callie Budrick

Evolution: Signs of the Times From skulls to “trespassers will be shot on sight,” warning signs are design at its most simple yet formidable. By Steven Heller

Observer: “Typographic Selfies”? Why Fonts Matter misses the mark on what really matters about type and design. By Rick Poynor

Design Matters: In Print After studying with a host of masters, Philippe Apeloig developed an incredible typographic style all his own. By Debbie Millman


Love Letters A tribute to the brillian Louise Fili in text and visuals. By Debbie Millman

Stereotype: The Reluctant Type Designer Print reviews Carol Twombly: Her Brief But Brilliant Career in Type Design. By Paul Shaw

The Last Word: Jesse James Dusting off the final moments of an outlaw legend. By Seymour Chwast