Print’s 75th Anniversary Issue — Spring 2015

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In this historic issue of Print magazine, celebrate Print’s 75th anniversary with a one-of-a-kind feature from Debbie Millman and much more. Explore not only the impact of Print magazine, but the history, evolution, and future of print design—and what it all means for designers. Discover why print (and Print) matters to design, and who’s responsible for helping the medium to live on.

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Print Magazine: 75th Anniversary Issue

Take a look inside this historic issue of Print magazine:


PRINT75In honor of Print’s 75th anniversary, Debbie Millman asked 75 of the best creatives today to design the word “print.” Millman provided specs, but no further direction.

THE POLITICS OF PRINT by Steven HellerWhen Print launched in 1940, design kept to itself. But when the country radicalized in the ’60s, so too did the design press—and, with time, the rest of the field.

6 UNSUNG HEROES OF DESIGN by Angela RiechersGiving credit where credit’s due in the vast world of design is difficult—even when it comes to the work of legendary creators.

Online Exclusive: Author and photographer Hank O’Neal shares here the fascinating story of one of Paul Bacon’s last dust jackets.

PRINT IS DEAD // LONG LIVE PRINT by Jason TselentisWhat does print mean today, and what will it mean tomorrow? A champion of digital and a champion of print weigh in.

BIDDING ADIEU TO THE BEST OF THE BAUHAUS by Nadja SayejPrint drops by Berlin to dig deeper into 15 of the Bauhaus Archive museum’s top 100 works.

THE LAST OF THE MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATORS by Roger MorrisBeing a profile of a man you’ve never heard of, in a time and craft that magazines left behind.

FOLLOWING THE PAPER TRAIL by Douglas WolkThe evolution of comic book stock over the past 75 years charts paper’s journey from mass distribution vehicle to boutique keepsake.


GRIDS+GUIDES edited by Amanda AszmanAward-winners speak out, authors and artists pay homage, and well-made goods take us deeper into design.

Online Exclusive: See more images of the Best in Class winners, plus the full roster of honorable mentions.

DILEMMA by Amanda AszmanDuPuis Group has a strategic tool to help people think more creatively about big issues like sustainability, but it might not be what you’d expect. In fact, it might be dinner.

EVOLUTION by Steven HellerPrint explores the happy and sad history of the ubiquitous happy face.

OBSERVER by Rick PoynorIn the era of Vintage Everything, we should think twice before “giving new life to old images.”

Online Exclusive: Should designers plunder the past? Read 1991 Print article “Good History/Bad History,” a significant and all too relevant piece.

HISTORIOGRAPHY by Steven HellerDavid Carson took a magazine for surfers and turned it into one of the most challenging design publications ever created.

INTERACTION by Christopher ButlerThe only way to claim your spot on the path of digital progress is to dig deeper and embrace the complexity at your disposal.

IN PROFILE by Zachary PetitInside the mind of Peter Mendelsund, the pianist who went from Tchaikovsky to Tolstoy to become one of the best book cover designers working today.

Online Exclusive: Discover Mendelsund’s best tips and advice for getting designs approved, and see more of his book covers.

STEREOTYPE: SPECIAL REPORT by Paul ShawPrint’s typographic path has veered left and swung right over the last seven-and-a-half decades.

Online Exclusive: Read Shaw’s full report here.

DESIGN MATTERS: IN PRINT by Debbie MillmanWilliam Edwin Rudge may have been Print’s founder—but it was Martin Fox who truly became its father.

INTO THE ARCHIVESThe Good, the Bad, and Design’s Bad Boy, Tibor Kalman.

Online Exclusive: Twenty-one years ago, Print hosted a spirited debate in its New York offices between two of design’s biggest names, Joe Duffy and Tibor Kalman. Read the legendary debate in its entirety, along with some added thoughts at the end by Steven Heller (who moderated the talk) and Martin Fox, Print‘s editor at the time.

LOVE LETTERS by Milton GlazerA design legend reflects on his dear friend Massimo Vignelli.

THE LAST WORD by Seymour ChwastThe poignant parting words of the great William Morris, illustrated.