The Simple Guide to Designing an Effective Product Label [Infographic]

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If you want your chosen graphic designer to create a product label that’s both well-designed and highly-effective at converting prospective customers to actual customers, you’re going to have to get stuck in and help.

Why? Well, while your graphic designer might be perfectly capable of designing a great-looking label, this doesn’t guarantee that it’ll be good at its job – therefore, you need to do the “pre-design” stage yourself.

This will involve:

  1. Researching your competitors

  2. Researching the target market/demographic

  3. Building an informational hierarchy

  4. Pre-deciding the correct material/shape/size for the label

For most entrepreneurs, the first two stages of the process are probably already complete, but you need to make sure that you pass along this information to your chosen designer. It’s important that he/she knows which brands you’re competing with, what their product(s) look like, and exactly who you’re targeting (e.g. men aged 30-50 who have recently taken up golf) – your designer will be able to create a much more effective label if they know this information.

Next, you need to create an “informational hierarchy”, which means deciding exactly what pieces of information need to be present on the finished label, and the respective importance of each one. This will help your designer to give prominence to the right things.

Finally, you need to decide upon a material, shape and size for your label. There’s a tonne of different options here (just browse this page and you’ll soon see just how many, but this really needs to be decided upon before getting in touch with your design.

Sound a bit complex? You might benefit from the infographic (below) created by UK label printing company FastLabels which serves as an in-depth guide to the process: