The World’s Favorite Wearable Design

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Read this book and start screen printing using the most basic elements—a screen, some emulsion in a bucket, artwork, a light source and a sink.

The T-shirt is perhaps one of the simplest forms of wearable design, and still there is so much room for brilliant design to delight us so much so that we must immediately purchase and wear a shirt for all the world to see. (Or… perhaps that’s just me?)

Regardless, at Print, we see in-house, freelancers and studios creating so many brilliant wearables—from T-shirts to buttons to tote bags—that we knew we needed a competition just for them. So, we’re excited to announce Print’s Wearable Design Awards, and we invite you to share with us your most most eye-catching, innovative work—whether it was done for yourself, for self-promotional purposes, or for a client. (Deadline: Aug. 7)

In honor of this announcement, we’re sharing below some of our favorite T-shirts (along with a few other cool wearables like hats and pins) from James Victore, Neltner Small Batch, Johnny Cupcakes and Blksmith Co.

Edgy Wearable Design from James Victore

James Victore’s shirt designs are as cool as he is, and we would like them all in our closets, please.


Apparel Design from Neltner Small Batch

When Keith Neltner of Neltner Small Batch was Designer of the Week, we got a look at some of the T-shirt design coming out of the studio. Here’s another look at our favorite wearables from Keith’s client work:



And our favorite wearables from the Neltner Small Batch store:


Johnny Cupcakes: World’s First T-Shirt Bakery

We’re forever amused by the clever T-shirts coming out of the Johnny Cupcakes oven. Here are a few of our recent favorites:


Pins and Tees from Blksmith Co.

The creative behind Blksmith Co., David M. Smith, is a former Designer of Week who noted that one of his goals was to spend more time developing goods and products of his own, which of course includes wearables like the pin below.


Smith sells this Premium Love Kills Pin (die cast edition of the classic Love Kills pin) in his shop.

But Smith also creates wearables in client work:


Smith created this as part of graphic/brand development for LA/NY brand CX.City


15574 300x220 Print Wearable

Have you designed a wearable? Whether it’s a T-shirt you designed and sell in your shop, a button you created as part of a client’s brand campaign, or a health and fitness tracking device you designed for a company, your eye-catching, innovative designs belong in Print’s Wearable Design Awards.

Final Deadline: Aug. 7

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