Both Studio’s Branding For Ceramic Artist Lucy Tolan Is Perfectly Imperfect

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Lucy Tolan, the Melbourne-based ceramic artist, is known for her perfectly imperfect pieces. Her distinct color palette of red, white, and blue paired with picnic blanket-inspired patterns makes for a classic look and feel for her well-crafted brand.

Tolan creates many of her pieces with porcelain paper clay. The intricate and unique textures seen throughout are made with various objects like rocks or plaster tiles to create one-of-a-kind art pieces. It’s clear that Lucy’s work sits at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and fine art.

Recently, Both Studio worked with the artist to create a branding identity system that paired well with her art. Embracing the characteristic artwork, the team thoughtfully chose to go in a visual direction of order and simplicity.

The studio introduced a series of stamps to showcase Lucy’s unique silhouettes and bring a handmade feel to her brand’s extensions, from business cards to boxes. Not to mention, the well-designed tissue paper inspired by Lucy’s patterns is the perfect touch to wrap up the works and keep them packed safely in shipping boxes. When in use, the tissue paper becomes a fleeting addition of its contents, becoming a part of the object’s shape and then disappearing altogether in a magical act.

No detail was left undesigned, and it’s clear that Both Studio worked closely with Lucy to ensure that every detail was perfectly paired with everything she touched from creation to shipment.