Fedrigoni Unites Creative Community Through the Paper Box Experience

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Fedrigoni is known for its vast selection of paper products. So it only makes sense that the company created an ingenious box acting as a collection of products. With over 900 various types of paper, the kit serves as a creative starting point, advancing possibilities for design transformations. This year is the first anniversary of the lovely paper box, and they enlisted the help of six artists to create a piece using the papers within. Paper acts as a starting point to various projects, which Fedrigoni understands, making this a powerful creative tool.

Fedrigoni has united the global creative community through its Paper Box Experience: an invitation to artists across the world to create art using Fedrigoni materials, supported by a digital event that creates a moment of togetherness for the brand’s international studios. 

In November 2020, Fedrigoni launched Paper Box: the entire Fedrigoni range of papers contained in a single, iconic, black box. Encompassing nearly 900 different types of paper, the collection is the ultimate creative canvas, offering endless opportunities for design transformations.
Following almost two years of separation and isolation as a result of the pandemic, Fedrigoni saw the first anniversary of Paper Box as the perfect moment to reunite the global creative community. To unify an international network of paper artists and enthusiasts, the brand challenged six international artists to create a limited edition sculptural artwork made using the Paper Box as a canvas. Inviting creative masters from a range of disciplines, spanning street art to fashion design, photography to illustration, Fedrigoni sought to celebrate the diverse potential of paper on a global scale. 
Artists contributing to the Paper Box Experience include:

  • Karim Adduchi, illustrator and fashion designer (Benelux), deconstructed the Paper Box to create a miniature couture gown out of fine strips of Fedrigoni paper. 
  • Annandaniel, creative photography duo Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda (Spain), transformed the collection into an elegant piano using their signature combination of surrealism and humour. 
  • Fernando Cobelo, illustrator (Italy), remodeled the volumes of the Paper Box into a cityscape, setting the scene to a moment of introspection for two illustrated characters.  
  • Lois O’Hara, multi-disciplinary artist (UK), contrasted the hard edges of the compendium with an organic and fluid painting style, representing the process and movement of creativity. 
  • JonOne AKA John Perello, street artist (France), approached the challenge as an energetic performance, highlighting the sensuality of paper through his distinctive graffiti style. 
  • Wang Yuan, graphic designer (China), drew inspiration from Chinese characters and font design to typographically redesign the Paper Box. 

Each artwork will be exhibited during the Paper Box Experience: a global, hybrid event starting on 24 November in which each participating artist will showcase their work, publicised via a single online platform for people around the world to tune into. Featuring presentations from each artist about their unique creative concept and process, the digital event will foster a worldwide community of creative masters inspired by the boundless possibilities of paper. This digital celebration will be supported by physical events at the artist’s local Fedrigoni Studio across 24 & 25 November, including Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, London, Paris, and Shanghai. 
Each artist has created two copies of their artwork: one to remain in their local Fedrigoni studio, the other to be showcased in Fedrigoni’s Milan and then Verona showroom, to ultimately live in its archive. 
Ambra Fridegotto at Fedrigoni UK commented: “Choosing paper is ultimately an act of creativity. From sculptures and couture, to book covers and packaging, the transformative power of paper really is limitless. After a period of such separation and uncertainty for the creative sector, we wanted to cultivate a moment of togetherness for artists and enthusiasts across the world. Just as Paper Box unites Fedrigoni’s entire product range, we hope that the Paper Box Experience unites the global creative community in a shared moment of artistic celebration.” 

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