Top Five Ceramic Artists To Follow On Instagram

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Today we’ve broken down five ceramic artists that you need to follow on Instagram. Each one is different from the next, whether from their individualistic style, background, or the way they create. One of the most special aspects of ceramic art is that it is represented vastly differently from one artist to the next. Whether it’s through the shapes, the colors, or the meaning behind the work, ceramic artists all have their exclusive style and aesthetic. 

The five artists that we’ve listed below each have their own way of expressing themselves through their art, and there’s no doubt that you’ll find inspiration from each one. 

Rachel Saunders | @rachelsaundersceramics

Rachel Saunders is from the West Coast of Canada and is most notably known for her commitment to purity, sustainability, playfulness, and functionality. Her dream of becoming a full-time potter manifested itself because she wanted to work for herself and with her hands. She pushes forward with the inspiration that comes from innovation and resourcefulness. Scrolling through her feed, your desire to create will be fueled through the soft buttery colors, gorgeous use of light, and, of course, her beautiful ceramic pieces that infuse you with inspiration. 

Bruce M. Sherman | @brucemsherman

Based out of New York City, Bruce Sherman is a ceramic artist with endless flair. His sculptures are wildly abstract but often showcase recognizable details from daily life. With common elements, including eyes, hands, and plants whimsically working both together and against one another, you can find his work in galleries across the world. Still, we’re lucky enough to have the ability to scroll through his almost 1,000 Instagram posts and decipher the more profound philosophical meanings at our own pace. Bruce’s work is impactful, and there’s no doubt you’ll find something to love through his account. 

Brian Rochefort | @energygloop

Inspired by volcanoes, Brian Rochefort’s work melts, drips, and oozes in ways only the natural earth could emulate. And while inspired by these dark erupting mountains, his pieces are often vividly colored with gorgeous textures and patterns. His work makes you feel uncomfortable yet extremely safe at the same time in ways only a true artist could. One of my favorite pieces that Brian shared on his Instagram account is titled “Paint Cans,” and it showcases a multitude of cans with glop oozing out the top in organic yet gravity-defying ways. I genuinely love the uniqueness of his work through the intricate shapes and beautiful color palettes used. Dreamy, truly. 

Charlotte Nielsen | @charlottenielsenkeramik

Inspired by her machine fascination, Charlotte Nielson has created works both rustic and mechanically inclined. While most ceramic artists focus on creating pieces reminiscent of shapes found in organic nature, she focuses on creating more industrial forms. Additionally, she keeps her creations a consistent rusty, grey color allowing these shapes to be perceived as even more industrial. Scrolling through her Instagram, you’ll find countless different figures that balance industrialism and minimalism gorgeously; the contrast creates designs that are wildly unconventional in the best possible way. 

Zemer Peled | @zemerpeled

Born and raised in Israel, Zemer Peled has quite the resume supporting her ceramic work. From exhibits at Sotheby’s, Saatchi Gallery (London), and the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City) to being featured in Vogue, O Magazine, and Elle, Zemer is quite the respected artist. Often, her sculptural pieces focus on themes of memory, identity, and place showcased through thousands of porcelain shards that make up her larger pieces. As you scroll through her feed, you’ll find yourself in awe of how something so delicate can get turned into something so powerful and striking.