Top Five Letterpress Studios To Follow On Instagram

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The letterpress technique has been around for what feels like forever. Simply put, the relief printing method involves pressing an inked surface onto paper which can get adjusted to leave an impression. Unfortunately, finding letterpresses has become increasingly difficult as technology has evolved and all things move away from the analog. But we here at PRINT believe that print design methods aren’t dead and will never go completely extinct any time soon, the art of letterpress included. 

To honor those letterpress artists who are still creating masterful hand-crafted works, we’ve gathered five who share their creations on Instagram. Take a gander below to see why we selected each of the accounts. 

Letterpress PDX | @letterpresspdx

Based in Portland, Oregon, Letterpress PDX is a studio that specializes in providing small businesses, artists, designers, and publishers with letterpress and design. Not only does the studio work with historic printing equipment, but they also sell their own line of greeting cards and paper goods at the shop. In addition, their Instagram account showcases designs they’ve created and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the studio. 

Sesame Letterpress | @sesameletterpress

The owner and creative director of Sesame Letterpress, Breck Hostetter, started letterpress printing in 1999. Her hobby transformed into her entire career, and the result is a shop that welcomes a slow pace with high-quality designs. Not only does this Brooklyn-based company pride itself on its dedication to reducing its footprint on the environment, but they also support vendors in their local community. For example, the paper they use is from another Brooklyn-based company, specifically Savoy paper from Reich. Follow this account for beautifully curated designs ranging from invitations to coasters that are sure to inspire you instantly.

STUDIO ON FIRE | @studioonfire

Husband and wife Ben and Stacy Levitz are the dynamic duo behind Studio on Fire. The team is based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and while there are over 30 people on the team now, it began in their home basement in 1999 with a single hand-fed, foot-powered Chandler & Price letterpress. Not only does this account showcase hundreds of gorgeous examples of the brand’s work, but it also highlights behind-the-scenes glances into the design and printing process. Definitely worth following if you want to see how a letterpress studio operates. 

No Plan Press ➖ Jesse Kirsc | @noplanpress

Inspired by the unique letterpress printing process, No Plan Press put it in its name that sometimes not having a plan is completely fine. Jesse Kirsch is the man behind the account, and he believes that bold design and funky colors are the way to people’s hearts, and you know what, we agree. Scroll through this account, and you’ll instantly find yourself having a newfound love for the color orange and oversized, chunky typefaces. 

Letterpress de Paris | @letterpress_de_paris

Letterpress might be an ancient tool, but Letterpress de Paris makes it look like a contemporary idea. The brand maintains the traditional aspect of printing yet fresh through bright colors, whimsical illustrations, and modern fonts. Yet, while playful, it’s evident that the brand focuses on traditional design techniques and systems because each of their works gets executed in pristine fashion. There’s no way you won’t feel creative after looking through this account.