Explore a Visual Garden of Fruity, Floral Instagram Accounts

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In this week’s Instagram top five, we’ve artfully curated a group of five artists that create vividly colorful visuals, with an emphasis on fruits and florals. Their verdant, fresh work is sure to make you feel refreshed and ready to bite into summer’s finest fruits. Each of the five artists works within different mediums, ranging from risograph to iPad illustrations to paper cut-outs. So while the subject matters are quite consistent, the varying results provide something for every nature lover.

Melissa Donne | @melissadonnestudio

Bold, charismatic contrasts are a visual signature of Melissa Donne’s risograph prints. Donne studied Fashion Design in college, then received a Master’s in Film Theory, and you can see this expertise in the texture, structure, and gorgeous patterns of her work. Each of her designs fuses zesty, contemporary aesthetics with a classic retro sensibility. There’s a sense of ease to her botanical, fruity pieces that come together quite beautifully on her feed.

Sophia Riley | @sophiariley.studio

Sophia Riley brings a keen eye for color into paintings of delicate objects, like flowers and butterflies, and rich contrasts make her work leap off the screen. In one of my favorite pieces, the artist showcases a charming living room with a floral couch and striped curtains. Riley also often shares intimate, experimental works from her sketchbook, which adds a sense of intimacy to her feed. There’s something special about getting to peek at an artist’s doodles, and Riley’s are always a treat.

Hannah Bonn | @hannah_bonn

Hannah Bonn is a South London-based illustrator whose work explores the most colorful, lively parts of life. Her Instagram feed is filled with poppy, punchy illustrations and vibrant hues that are sure to inspire you to add a bit more color to your designs. In addition to painting, Bonn also experiments with digital illustrations that still retain her distinct visual signature. Don’t miss her Reels, where she provides invaluable behind-the-scenes glimpses into the making of her art.

Ellie Hedges | @paper_edges

If you’ve ever tried to cut a piece of paper in a straight line, you know it’s something that only seems wildly simple. But steady handiwork is clearly not a problem for Ellie Hedges, who quickly puts any competitors to shame with her incredibly intricate paper cut-out designs. Her works are complex and captivating, with a wide variety that includes floral arrangements, stunning landscapes, and typographic designs. If you’re interested in considering design from a different perspective, I highly encourage you to at least glimpse through Hedges’ account.

Peach Fuzz | @peachfuzzcandles

The Instagram account for Peach Fuzz is sure to inspire a handful of double-takes. Is that a piece of fruit, or a candle? Painter and candlemaker Anya creates sculptural art pieces that effectively mimick your favorite summer treats with a fruity scent. In one image on her feed, she creates an especially strong display of her talent by mixing her candles into a real fruit basket, and it’s hard to spot the difference between the two.