Lauren Hom’s Daily Dishonesty

Posted inGail Anderson
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Lauren Hom wants you to lie to her. You know all those little promises that you make to yourself—all those trays of Thanksgiving treats you think you’re going to avoid tomorrow? Hom is honoring our collective lack of willpower and ability to fool ourselves in a fun and bitingly honest new blog called Daily Dishonesty. And she wants to hear all about your tall tales and shattered dreams.

“The idea for Daily Dishonesty came to me one night while my roommate and I were having our weekly wine-and-cheese session in the kitchen of our tiny East Village apartment,” Hom recalls. “We were talking about all the things we wanted to do in our free time, but then burst out laughing because we realized that neither of us really had any free time. That night, I easily wrote down a couple dozen lies that I tell myself, and started drawing the next day.”

Daily Dishonesty also features occasional guest contributors—a mix of people who have reached out to Hom and people she’s contacted. They contribute both the copy and the designs for their respective pieces. “I think that the concept really resonates with a lot of busy creative people,” she says, “so everyone has been really enthusiastic so far.”

A senior at the School of Visual Arts, Hom saw the blog as an opportunity to get her work noticed. She launched her Society6 shop when she started receiving daily e-mails from people looking to buy the images as posters. “Daily Dishonesty also serves as my creative outlet for when I need to clear my mind and relax,” she says. “Nothing like some pretty type and a little laugh to unwind.”